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Seaside Employees Salaries

It is a common belief that the salaries of Public Servants should always reflect the average salaries paid in the community. But government employees are now making two or three times the pay of the average citizen in Seaside. Why?

Calendar Year 2007

Calendar Year 2006

* Gross compensation includes regular time, sick time, vacation time, holiday pay, jury duty, deferred compensation, Group Term Life, Employer PERS, compensated time payouts (as applicable), uniform and auto allowance (as applicable), education incentive (as applicable), hazardous material incentive (as applicable), overtime and holiday overtime (as applicable). A: Subject to overtime pay; amount includes overtime received.

Various pay, such as overtime, deferred compensation, uniform allowance, education incentive are payable to certain employees based on the approved Memorandum of Understanding in place for their employee group.

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