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Seaside Taxpayers Association Endorses Felix for Seaside Mayor

STA Also Endorses Jason Campbell for Seaside City Council


Felix served as Mayor of Seaside from 2010 to 2012. He drove the City Council to balance two budgets without spending any reserves (i.e. structurally balanced). Previous administrations depleted $13.8 million of reserves (down to just over $1 million) over a period of 7 years.

Subsequent to his leadership on the budget, the City began spending almost $5 million (about 20%) less in its General Fund than previously — yet services increased. City Hall added one day of service (again open 5 days per week), police patrol and fire service were enhanced and planning and recreation staffing were authorized for increases.

As a result, beginning in approximately mid-2011 the City started experiencing its fastest pace of economic development in 25 years.

Unfortunately, many of these gains (in particular the budget) are being reversed and a large number of stakeholders have reached out to Felix to ask him to set the City on a positive path once again.

See his website at:

Last Updated: Oct 13, 14

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