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STA Files FPPC Complaint Against City of Seaside

Press Release
Immediate Release – Oct. 17, 2008
Contact: Lawrence Samuels 831-238-5058

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SEASIDE: The Seaside Taxpayers Association filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission today against the city of Seaside for failing to fill out official campaign financial statements. According to state law, any organization that spends over $1000 in political campaigning must fill out FPPC paperwork. The city of Seaside recently spent thousands of dollars for a full-color “Fact Sheet” mailed to Seaside voters opposing Measure E, a measure to repeal the 6 percent tax on utilities.

According to Lawrence Samuels, vice chair of the Seaside Taxpayers Association, the city has acknowledged sending out the mailer, but refuses to file the report. “What is unfair is that the city clerk informed us that if we put out a “Fact Sheet” with no suggestion on which way to vote, we still must file FPPC paperwork if we pass the $1000 spending mark.”

“Why should the city spend taxpayers’ money on slick campaign flyers and have no obligation to fill out the same paperwork that’s required of us?” Samuels asked.

The Seaside Taxpayers Association placed Measure E on the November ballot. They maintain that the tax is invalid because it was not put to a vote within two years after the passage of Prop. 218, which was a requirement of the statewide measure.


UPDATE: The FPPC said that the City of Seaside could put out such flyers at taxpayer's expense and require no FPPC disclosures or paperwork (meaning it was not political flyer) as long as the City of Seaside did not suggest to citizens to vote Yes or No on the measure.

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