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Bachofner Fiscally Sound

Letter-to-the-editor in Monterey Herald Oct. 15, 2008

For Seaside City Council, Felix Bachofner is the choice of voters who want fiscal responsibility. As a small-business owner, he knows how to ask the toughest of questions and will not allow public funds to be squandered.

Developers need to pay their fair share of the required infrastructure, so that taxpayers are never again stuck with astronomical increases in sales taxes now in effect under Measure R.
His Web site spells out his abiding knowledge of city financial history and outlines sensible plans for the future.

Felix supports Measure E to eliminate the Seaside utility tax. Most municipalities do not have a utility tax, and the one passed years ago in Seaside was supposed to be temporary. It is an unfair, regressive tax. Senior citizens, even those with large incomes, are exempt, but people of working age, even the poorest, shell out big time.

It is possible to have moderate tax rates and a high level of critical city services. Let's allow Felix to show us the way.

Thomas F. Lee

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