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Rebuttal to the Argument Against Measure E

FACT: In the opinion of a legal expert, the utility tax would likely be defeated in court if challenged. According to the law, the Seaside utility tax had to be voter-approved two years after the effective date of Prop. 218, which passed in 1996. This never occurred. A legal challenge would be costly to the city, especially if the result requires the city to refund taxpayers.

FACT: In the election of 2002, Measure T required 66.6% to be enacted, but garnished only 56% and so failed. Measure S, a competing measure, also lost (47% to 53%). At no time was a 66.6% vote reached. The utility tax has never been voter approved.

FACT: According to Prop 1A (Protection of Local Government Revenues, approved by voters in 2004), the state of California can no longer arbitrarily raid local coffers. Per the California Attorney General, the proposition “requires local sales tax revenues to remain with local government” and “prohibits the State from reducing local government’s property tax proceeds.”

FACT: Government waste is ubiquitous. High salaries and ridiculously plush pensions indicate a spending addiction. For years, city officials have spent wildly without regard for those who must pay the bill. As the old adage goes -- giving more money to politicians to fix a problem is like trying to fill a water bucket full of holes.

Don’t be fooled by over-spending politicians. Save over $2 million annually for taxpayers. Vote YES on Measure E. See

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Last Updated: Aug 25, 08

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