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Is Taxation Theft?

Don't Rob: It's A Crime to Compete with Government

If a masked man suddenly pressed cold iron to your belly, demanding money, you would likely call the person a thief. If two men perform the same violent ritual, they would also be called thieves. And if a street gang terrorized and robbed citizens at large, they would undoubtedly be called a gang of thieves. But what if such aggressive acts were placed on a larger scale—not hundreds, nor thousands, but millions of thieves? Would it make a difference? Of course not.

Yet, if the word majority were used, many would consider the robbery acceptable. But is it? Should the number of thieves make a crime less a crime? Most Germans enthusiastically supported Hitler's persecution of the Jews. The vast majority of white Southerners gladly supported “Jim Crow” laws that oppressed American Blacks. All too often the majority tramples on the rights of minorities, forcing them to subservient positions, outright oppression, jail sentences or death without recourse or consent.

Rule by majority is only justifiable if individuals within the system have the right to opt out when disillusioned or disinterested. Most civil and social organizations operate on majority rule, but members may resign at their convenience. We should expect no less from a nation built on freedom, free-association and personal liberty?

And what about the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which prohibits "involuntary servitude?" How can the government forcibly take away a person's income without making him/her a slave? Just as the income of slaves was stolen by slave-owners, so does the government confiscate income from taxpayers. This process is completely involuntary, illegal, and constitutes enslavement.

Although the Internal Revenue Service claims that compliance is voluntary, everyone knows what will occur if the taxman is not paid. The taxpayer will be threatened and liens will be placed on his property. If the taxpayer still resists, he may go to jail.

Taxation without individual consent is aggression. It is analogous to rape. In sexual relations there must be consent or it is rape. Human rights are tied to consensual agreement between individuals and ruling apparatus. Freedom is nothing if individuals have no right to disagree and disengage.

Taxation is theft because it is fundamentally no different from the actions of a common crook robbing a citizen in a dark alley. Nobody should be above the law; not even government.

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Last Updated: Aug 08, 08

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