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City of Seaside Has Proposed More Tax Increases for 2015/2016

The city of Seaside is considering another tax hike. Not long ago they passed a stiff sales tax increase for public safety (Measure R), of which the firefighters and police associations told me they had received NONE. Time to write letters to the editor to oppose any proposed new taxes! It is not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem.

After Felix was no longer mayor, the city council and Rubio went on a spending spree. It must be fun to spend other people's money! Also note that 75 city employees in Seaside now make over $100,000 in total compensation, up from around 45 not long ago See list on our website. And this is not even the full burdened costs; there are other items not included like vacation time, vehicles, etc.

Many households in Seaside make under $40,000 a year. In 2012 the median household income was $57,060 ( .html ). The question becomes this: who is the servant and who is the master—the public or the government? Note that most Seaside employees do not reside in Seaside, but in more expensive communities like Pebble Beach, Monterey or Carmel.

Also note that the city Manager John Dunn has stated that “We have already done a lot of cost-cutting.” Of course, this is not true. According to the former mayor, Felix Bachofner, there have been at least two increases of city employee salaries since December 2012. The total increase was around 6 percent, adding up to about $3.5 million on an annual basis. There were other increases that were purely discretionary. So, the city spends like a drunken sailor and says they are cutting spending—which is nothing but typical politicalese talk.

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--Lawrence Samuels
Vice Chair, STA

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