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Seaside Tax Repeal Measure Ballot-Qualifies

Press Release No. 2
July 24, 2008

SEASIDE: Yesterday the Seaside Taxpayers Association qualified a measure to repeal the 6 percent utility tax in Seaside. On August 7 the measure will go in front of the Seaside city council to be studied and eventually put to a vote. The ballot measure will save taxpayers up to $2.3 million a year.

Proponents of the measure put it on the ballot because the tax was supposed to be a temporary tax, according to former Mayor Lance McClair, and because the city is wasting taxpayers’ money. According to Lawrence Samuels, Vice Chair of the STA, “almost 40 Seaside public employees make over $100,000. Last year only 16 public employees went over that high figure.”

The Seaside Taxpayers Association also questions the legality of the tax, saying that it “appears that the state of Californian has not officially given municipalities the power to tax most local utilities.”

Note: Attachment of Employee Salaries 2006 and 2007

Contact Lawrence Samuels -- 831-238-5058

Last Updated: Jul 30, 08

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