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Sales tax would rise above 9% if Measure X passes

Published in the Monterey Herald, posted 10/15/2016

After being defeated by the taxpayers twice before in ballot initiatives, transportation taxers are at it again trying to get us to pass the Measure X sales tax (Oct. 11).

The Herald’s article quotes heartily from the measure’s supporters but sparingly from opponents.
Given that opponents are being outspent 200-to-1 by big-money proponents, according to the article, shouldn’t the coverage be more balanced?

Campaign chairman John Phillips points out that special-interest groups are well taken care of by Measure X, but says nothing about the taxpayer. Its passage would mean that the sales tax would rise above 9 percent everywhere in Monterey County.

No wonder the Seaside Taxpayers Association opposes Measure X. There are many local tax increases on the ballot this year and Measure X just piles on the misery. It’s a regressive tax meaning that low-income people are hit the hardest.

The federal “FAST” transportation program will already pump more than adequate amounts of highway spending into Monterey County.

Monterey taxpayers don’t need triple jeopardy with Measure X.
— Thomas F. Lee, Monterey

Last Updated: Oct 17, 16

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